Daily Archives: January 30, 2021

Hello from Mountain

Hi my name is Mountain and I am 13 years old, I am currently studying at Malvern College Hong Kong. From now on I will be in charge of designing this spectacular website. I do many sports such as basketball, wake surfing, wave surfing, snorkeling and Triathlon. In my own quiet time, I sit down and read a book, when I am not reading a book, I will play my guitar.

This link should direct you straight to google maps.-https://www.google.com/maps/search/malvern+hong+kong/@22.4228041,113.9618906,11z/data=!3m1!4b1?hl=en


In my ideal of sports, I like to do it more extraordinary and much more extreme, so I find both triathlon and wake surf really fun.


Triathlon is extreme sport that concludes swimming, running and cycling. The reason I like triathlon is because we need to endure the pain when we are tired and keep moving to finish the race, the race also forces me to never give up, maybe I wont win the race but at least I still finished it which gives me satisfaction.

This is a picture of me cycling.

Wake surf

Wake surf is like surfing but with a boat pulling you. I really like wake surf because there is a lot of tricks and skills to learn and they all look so cool. I have played wake surf for 3 months and I already learnt cool tricks such as ollie, carving and a bit of 360.

Here is a video of me doing two 360, it took me 3 months from 0 to 360 x 2.

Bungee Jump

This is yet one of the most daring activity I have yet done. This is my first time bungee jump and I tried my best to not back up, I never looked down so I won’t scare myself. As soon as the said I can jump, I fearlessly charged front then jumped down without doubt.

This is a video of me bungee jumping.

No ever what, they like video game the MOST, LOL – Adam

Hello from Alex

Hi my name is Alex. I’m 12 years old and studying in Malvern College HK. I like doing sports such as basketball, football, swimming, wake surf, surfing, snorkeling, cycling and running. In the past few years I played triathlon and it was really tough. Currently, my favorite sport is basketball because it is fast. I started to have interest in programming when I was 6 years old because I found it very interesting by moving things around and making them different to try out new things. My first ever program was making my name in Scratch and when I touch it the mouse it will move and change color. I also like playing drones because I like watching the view.

My first time playing the drone. I was scared that the drone would drop into the lake downs there if I accidentally crash something in the air.

In this picture I am playing wake surf with hundred of birds chasing me, I tried to do 360 spinning but I could almost succeed in doing it, I can do ollie and carving, i.e. going up the wave and back down.

I played Triathlon for 2 years and it was very tough. I liked it because I can challenge my limit every time and see if I did better in the race every time.

No ever what, they like video game the MOST, LOL – Adam