Our Latest Projects

  • Drone Programming – Swarm Contol, Video Streaming & Mission Pad

    Drone Programming – Swarm Contol, Video Streaming & Mission Pad

    One of our main purposes for drone programming is achieving swarm control, that’s why we bought three Tello EDUs and today we are so excited that we can make this happen. Once again, thanks to DJITELLOPY, it saves us a lot of effort to develop our API and make this program done in a few…

  • Drone Programming – Gesture Control

    Drone Programming – Gesture Control

    Once I did the face detection project, it made me easier to understand gesture recognition, you can do it too. It gives me more solid fundamentals to start with deep learning studying, I want to create my objection recognition model and have the drone fly with this. Before that, I like to try body detection…

  • Drone Programming – Face Detection and Tracking

    Drone Programming – Face Detection and Tracking

    If I hadn’t tried, I never have known that doing face detection nowadays is such simple and easy. Even for a beginner like me, I can make it happen within a few hours… after I spent a few days learning and understanding the libraries. It is worth having a try, it will lead you to…

What did we do?

In the past years we have learnt and made some programming and it was fun, so we have decided to make this website and show people what we have done and teach people because it is also useful to teach people meanwhile we learn so we all get experience doing things.

We have done several projects including building robots and circuits. The most recent project that we did was building a elephant with the LEGO EV3 MindStorms robot set and program it to do calibrations so that it goes to the same place each time so it won’t mess up your previous projects because every time the angle changes.

We have also made different projects such as building circuits and program it to do something such as making a seven segment light circuit and program it so that it can count and count by what number you want with an additional counting system called hexadecimal. We have also made circuity that are LED lights and we program it to make a light show or change it by pressing a button.

We are trying to create all codes from scratch!

Since May’2021, Molex has suspended their project, Adam will keep this running and update… please extend your support to him XD

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Our features projects

Molex milestones… so far…

17-Feb-2021 We open the website to public

01-Mar-2021 Over 500 visitors access from 73 countries

16-Mar-2021 Over 1000 visitors access from 87 countries

07-Apr-2021 Our First Volunteer Teaching Class