Makecode & Scratch

  • Stupid Mario Land
    That’s the latest game working by Alex sololy. It was held in Mar’2021, not yet completed, but still lot of efforts and fun. Take a look and extend his work, and then share your work with me. Just click the link below to see and edit the sources … Continue reading Stupid Mario Land
  • Dog Basketball
    In this game you control the dog to get the ball. Once you get the ball, a man will be chasing you, you have to shoot it in the basketball hoop as soon as possible. If the man touches you three times, you will be game over. For … Continue reading Dog Basketball
  • Space Invader
    I created this game in 10 days when I first learnt MakeCode Arcade. This platform is really fun and easy to create a Arcade games you like, I will show you how to make this! I will buy you lunch if you can score more than 1200.. 🙂 … Continue reading Space Invader
  • Mice Maze
    My Second dream was ‘mice maze’, it was very popular when I was childhood, program a ‘mice’ to solve the maze automatically. Actually, my 25 years old final year project was ‘smart vacuum cleaner’, it is now very popular. But, it was very new concept at that time … Continue reading Mice Maze
  • Frog vs Spider
    Scratch made Adam’s dream came, create a game… Since my childhood, I was expert in Assembly, i.e. 6502, x86, 8051, modifying OS and even created a mini Chinese display system. But, never created a single game.. I tried to make game with Assembly, it was painful even make … Continue reading Frog vs Spider
  • Thanks Scratch!! Thanks MIT media lab!!