We love story, we watched different kinds of movies and books…
  • First Volunteer Teaching Class
    We were so excited that we finished our first volunteer teaching class in our community, shared with a group of 6 kids aged 11 – 12. Introduced them to the world of Arduino by making simple LED circuity. Thanks to LEARN CREATIVELY for the class arrangement. I feel like I have learned a lot while … Continue reading First Volunteer Teaching Class
  • Hello from Mountain
    Hi my name is Mountain and I am 13 years old, I am currently studying at Malvern College Hong Kong. From now on I will be in charge of designing this spectacular website. I do many sports such as basketball, wake surfing, wave surfing, snorkeling and Triathlon. In my own quiet time, I sit down … Continue reading Hello from Mountain
  • Hello from Alex
    Hi my name is Alex. I’m 12 years old and studying in Malvern College HK. I like doing sports such as basketball, football, swimming, wake surf, surfing, snorkeling, cycling and running. In the past few years I played triathlon and it was really tough. Currently, my favorite sport is basketball because it is fast. I … Continue reading Hello from Alex
We like road trip, we already travelled in 19 countries and 40 cities, more than 16,000km
Imagine Dragons – Demons
We liked wide range of sports, above medals from Triathlon races and basketball games…

But, what we like the most is… video game!! XD

We setup our own Minecraft server since 2017, you can login below server for what we built when we were 10 & 9..

Our Minecraft server –, enjoy!