World of Arduino

  • Water Level Sensor
    We tried the water level sensor today and using a RGB to indicate different water level, let us show you how to do this. … Read more
  • 7 Segment DEC & HEX counter
    This is our second Arduino project, using 4 piece 7-segment LED display to create a DEC / HEX counter which can support both common … Read more
  • Anode vs Cathode
    When you deal with diode or transistor components such as LED, 7 Segment display, RGB LED, etc., you need to understand whether the component … Read more
    R – Red, G – Green, B – Blue, basic display component to display color. We call this as one pixel for all display … Read more
  • Our First PCBA
    After we learnt some basic idea about the Arduino UNO board and basic LED circuitry, we started to build our first project – LED … Read more