First Volunteer Teaching Class

We were so excited that we finished our first volunteer teaching class in our community, shared with a group of 6 kids aged 11 – 12. Introduced them to the world of Arduino by making simple LED circuity.

Thanks to LEARN CREATIVELY for the class arrangement.

I feel like I have learned a lot while teaching the students, I have learned how to teach people clearly and how to make them understand how to write the program and create the circuit. This lesson also proved that I can teach people programming and circuitry. I think I can have a better time management skill the next time I teach the kids. I want to have better time management skill because we didn’t have enough time to make other light patterns. – Alex

I have learnt a lot from this teaching experience. My programming skills may not be as good as Alex, but I was a good supporter. When Alex is teaching the class, I guided Alex to bring up different topics to make his teaching more fascinating. I also guided the students to have a better understanding of the program. From this teaching lesson, I have learnt that being a good supporter can help make big difference in how the students think and how the teacher speak. Because I forgot most of the programming techniques, so I took this lesson for granted and I managed to recover most of the techniques. Without this lesson, I don’t think I would even remember how to turn on a led. For this time’s lesson, I am very satisfied in the result, so I would like to continue teaching the kids or other kids! – Mountain

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