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  • Stupid Mario Land
    That’s the latest game working by Alex sololy. It was held in Mar’2021, not yet completed, but still lot of efforts and fun. Take a look and extend his work, and then share your work with me. Just click the link below to see and edit the sources … Continue reading Stupid Mario Land
  • LEGO MindStorms – Znap with PS4 controller
    This is an extended project of LEGO MindStorms – Znap with a remote controller, please refer it for the Dog movement and communication between EV3 Bricks. Linux /dev/input/event* Thanks for Anton’s Mindstorms Hacks, evdev and Linux Input drivers v1.0 (c) 1999-2001 Vojtech Pavlik, they gave us good idea … Continue reading LEGO MindStorms – Znap with PS4 controller
  • LEGO MindStorms – Znap with a remote controller
    My dad told us that he wanted a RC car with a professional controller like this… that’s one of his childhood dream. He was so excited with such professional controller we made…. HOWEVER, we built him this ‘car’… LOL This is a great project to make use of … Continue reading LEGO MindStorms – Znap with a remote controller
  • LEGO MindStorms – Rubik Solver MindCub3r
    For this project, we have decided to build a Rubik cube solver. This Rubik cube solver was not easy to build, we came over lots of obstacle in the way, such as motor jammed, sensor too weak to detect cube and some building mistakes. It was hard work … Continue reading LEGO MindStorms – Rubik Solver MindCub3r
  • LEGO MindStorms – Spinner Factory
    When we built the factory, we thought that the EV3 Home (Scratch base) can support two bricks. However, no ever how much information we read, it is not what we expected. We were trying to modify factory by adding additional color sensor, so that we can use two … Continue reading LEGO MindStorms – Spinner Factory
  • LEGO MindStorms – Stair Climber
    This project is so funny and cool, we are controlling a robot which contain the cart and the lifting arm, so that it can climb stairs. Looks like a Mars rover!! Features of the robot Gyro Sensor – It is used to detect or reference the degrees that … Continue reading LEGO MindStorms – Stair Climber
  • LEGO MindStorms – Elephant
    Calibration The best part for this elephant is installed two sensors to detect the trunk and the head movement, so that we can program this to avoid the motor over-driving the head and trunk to induce unnecessary damaged. Calibration is very important for machine and robot, identify the … Continue reading LEGO MindStorms – Elephant
  • Water Level Sensor
    We tried the water level sensor today and using a RGB to indicate different water level, let us show you how to do this. How does water level sensor work When we use the water level sensor, we need to connect to 5V, GND and Signal to the … Continue reading Water Level Sensor
  • 7 Segment DEC & HEX counter
    This is our second Arduino project, using 4 piece 7-segment LED display to create a DEC / HEX counter which can support both common anode and common cathode components. 7 Segment Display See the photo for how we connect the 7 segment display, you need to connect a … Continue reading 7 Segment DEC & HEX counter
  • Anode vs Cathode
    When you deal with diode or transistor components such as LED, 7 Segment display, RGB LED, etc., you need to understand whether the component is common anode or common cathode, it will give you completely different result. 7 Segment Display Let’s us the 7 Segment display as example. … Continue reading Anode vs Cathode
    R – Red, G – Green, B – Blue, basic display component to display color. We call this as one pixel for all display unit, such as monitor, TV and smart phone. It contains three inputs for red, green and blue, as well as a common ground(1). When … Continue reading RGB LED
  • Our First PCBA
    After we learnt some basic idea about the Arduino UNO board and basic LED circuitry, we started to build our first project – LED array. But, keep in mind, always put loading (i.e. resistor) for LED. Otherwise, you will burn it or even damaged the board. We built … Continue reading Our First PCBA
  • LEGO Mindstorms – R3ptar with Potato
    Potato is so brave to fight with a ‘snake’…..
  • Dog Basketball
    In this game you control the dog to get the ball. Once you get the ball, a man will be chasing you, you have to shoot it in the basketball hoop as soon as possible. If the man touches you three times, you will be game over. For … Continue reading Dog Basketball
  • Space Invader
    I created this game in 10 days when I first learnt MakeCode Arcade. This platform is really fun and easy to create a Arcade games you like, I will show you how to make this! I will buy you lunch if you can score more than 1200.. 🙂 … Continue reading Space Invader
  • Mice Maze
    My Second dream was ‘mice maze’, it was very popular when I was childhood, program a ‘mice’ to solve the maze automatically. Actually, my 25 years old final year project was ‘smart vacuum cleaner’, it is now very popular. But, it was very new concept at that time … Continue reading Mice Maze
  • We assembled a CNC machine
  • Our first LEGO EV3 robot
    The old EV3 programming language is too ‘engineering’ and not easy… Alex created the program, he explains how to program the robot to realize the command from the remote Finally, a robot operator competition!! Who won?
  • Frog vs Spider
    Scratch made Adam’s dream came, create a game… Since my childhood, I was expert in Assembly, i.e. 6502, x86, 8051, modifying OS and even created a mini Chinese display system. But, never created a single game.. I tried to make game with Assembly, it was painful even make … Continue reading Frog vs Spider
  • Thanks Scratch!! Thanks MIT media lab!!
  • Enter the world of LEGO MindStorms