Hello from Alex

Hi my name is Alex. I’m 12 years old and studying in Malvern College HK. I like doing sports such as basketball, football, swimming, wake surf, surfing, snorkeling, cycling and running. In the past few years I played triathlon and it was really tough. Currently, my favorite sport is basketball because it is fast. I started to have interest in programming when I was 6 years old because I found it very interesting by moving things around and making them different to try out new things. My first ever program was making my name in Scratch and when I touch it the mouse it will move and change color. I also like playing drones because I like watching the view.

My first time playing the drone. I was scared that the drone would drop into the lake downs there if I accidentally crash something in the air.

In this picture I am playing wake surf with hundred of birds chasing me, I tried to do 360 spinning but I could almost succeed in doing it, I can do ollie and carving, i.e. going up the wave and back down.

I played Triathlon for 2 years and it was very tough. I liked it because I can challenge my limit every time and see if I did better in the race every time.

No ever what, they like video game the MOST, LOL – Adam

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